The Poo Poo Fairy (Box Set - Illustrated Children's Book with Paulina Doll)

Bring home the magic of the Poo Poo Fairy today! 

By:  Mary Harper Dick
Illustrated by:  Joseph Cowman
ISBN: 9780578144795


The Fun and Magical Way to Potty Train Your Child!

Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient and Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Winner!

 The Poo Poo Fairy is a very special tool to help make potty training fun and magical for your child.  Just as the Tooth Fairy turns losing a tooth into something exciting, the magic of the Poo Poo Fairy transforms potty training from a dreaded chore into an interactive adventure for you and your child.  The beautifully illustrated storybook and doll will capture your child's imagination and inject a bit of joy into the potty-training process.  With the Poo Poo Fairy's help, you can cheer your child on as they quickly master this new skill and celebrate each success through the Poo Poo Fairy's special fairy visits.

The book introduces your child to Paulina who has dreamed of attending Helper's Hollow Academy since she was a pint-sized pixie.  Paulina wants nothing more than to become a true helper fairy to children.  After failing again and again, Paulina finally discovers her talent for making potty training magical and fun!

The box set includes a Paulina doll and the illustrated storybook.

Hardcover:  32 pages

Product Dimensions:  10.25 x 0.4 x 11.4 inches