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Introducing the Poo Poo Fairy! 

The Fun and Magical Way to Potty Train Your Child!

Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Recipient and Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Winner!


Potty training!  These two harmless words strike fear into the heart of every parent.  And unfortunately, potty training is just as foreign and scary to our children who are often reluctant to change deeply-ingrained habits.

That's where the Poo Poo Fairy comes in!  Imagine a child who is willing - and even eager - to start potty training! 

Just as the Tooth Fairy turns losing a tooth into something exciting, the magic of the Poo Poo Fairy transforms potty training from a dreaded chore into a fun and interactive adventure for you and your child.  The beautifully-illustrated storybook and doll capture your child's imagination and inject a bit of joy into the potty-training process.  With the Poo Poo Fairy's help, you can cheer your child on as they quickly master this new skill and celebrate each success through the Poo Poo Fairy's special fairy visits.

The Poo Poo Fairy can't wait to bring her magic to this important milestone in your child's life!