Mary Harper Dick, Author

Mary is the mother of three children and currently lives in Missouri, although her location changes frequently while her husband serves as a pharmacist in the US Air Force.  Mary grew up in Utah and received her bachelor’s degree in English Education from Brigham Young University.  She loves being a mom and considers it her most important role. 

Paulina, the Poo Poo Fairy, first made an appearance at Mary's house many years ago after Mary had embarked on her very first potty-training adventure with her oldest daughter, Jane.  With all of the books she read on the subject along with her prior experience with children through her schooling and work as a teacher, Mary felt thoroughly prepared to begin.  To her dismay, her first attempt was a DISMAL failure, and Mary ended up having to put Jane back in diapers until she could figure out a way to make potty training a better experience.

For the next attempt, Mary dreamed up Paulina, a magical fairy who would watch over Jane and reward her when she tried hard and give prizes when she succeeded.  With just this little bit of magic, the whole process became much more fun, and Jane had great success.  Since then, Mary has been awed time and again by the magic of the Poo Poo Fairy.

Mary has hoped to become an author since she was young, and seeing Paulina and the world of Helper’s Hollow come to life in her first book has been a dream come true.

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