Paulina, the Poo Poo Fairy

Age:  132 (very young in fairy years!)


Going for long flutters on the beach 

Watching the firefly show on the 4th of July

Seeing children laugh and smile

Favorite Food:  Squirrel nut soup with a dash of honey 

Favorite Movie:  How to Train Your Dragonfly

Favorite Book:  The Lord of the Wings

Interesting Facts about Paulina:

Has a very poor sense of smell (actually quite helpful in her line of work!)

Plays “potato bug ball” competitively

Is left-winged

Gained her spirit of determination from growing up on an ant farm!  

Motto:  You can do anything, if you just believe!!! (unless it involves dancing -- the sugar plum shimmy is really just impossible...)

More than anything else, Paulina loves to get letters and pictures from all of her trainees.  You can write to Paulina directly at