Parenting Wins - Recycle Crafts!!!

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With my kiddos climbing the walls as we head into the summer, I find myself needing extra doses of creativity to find ways to help my kids get their creative juices flowing.  Often times for kids, the easiest way to find entertainment is to sit down in front of the TV or Nintendo and mindlessly be entertained.  While these things have value in some cases, I really try to encourage my kids to use their imaginations and to be creative.  This is so beneficial for kids!!  And it is super fun to see what amazing creations kids come up with when given the opportunity to be creative. 

It is also a big win-win when you can find ways for your kids to be creative with things you already have around the house or can get at the dollar store!  Here are a few ideas!

Shoe Boxes:

I rarely throw away a shoe box.  There are so many ways you can put a shoe box to good use:

Leprechaun Traps:  Every year we make leprechaun traps the night before St. Patrick’s Day. With a bit of green paper, St. Patty’s day stickers and some markers my kids have made some especially awesome traps!! They get better every year!

Treasure boxes:  With a few packs of jewel stickers, glitter glue, markers and paper your child can have a blast making a treasure box which can hold their many special treasures.  If your kids are anything like mine, they collect trinkets and little toys from all over that they are simply unable to part with.  These “treasure boxes” can be a perfect place for them to keep these special items! 

Mailboxes:  A mailbox or a box for Valentine’s Day:  We love to make new mailboxes and then write and send notes to each family member.

Diorama:  With random items we found around the house Jane and I made scene of a castle in an enchanted woods! We had a blast!


    Moving Boxes:

    Box huts: Being in the military, our little family has had several opportunities to move and collect all different shapes and sizes of moving boxes.  Most of which, we are anxious to get rid of.  However, I always like to reserve several large boxes to make cool box huts out of!!

    I even made a particularly awesome box castle for one of Jane’s birthday parties!!  I covered it in pink wrapping paper and had fun adding all sorts of castle-ish details!

    You can really make your “box hut” into any fun shape you want which will encourage your little one to have fun imaginary adventures…a rocket ship, race car, cave, castle, house, etc etc.  The possibilities are endless!!!

    Drive-in Movie Night:  Have your kiddos each decorate their own box cars any way they want. Then put a comfy blanket and a pillow in it.  Pop some popcorn, grab some treats, and let your kiddos watch a favorite family movie while sitting in the cars!!!

    Scenery for a play:  Cut the large moving box so it will lay flat. This will create a large area for drawing.  Allow your kids to draw whatever fun scenery they want on the box then when they stand it up next to a wall, it can be the back drop for a play!! Fun!!

    Puppet stage:  Those tall moving boxes are perfect for a puppet stage. Simply cut out a large hole on one side of the box near the top and a small door on the back of the box and let the kids decorate it as they please.  And then you will have a perfect puppet stage!

    Have fun being creative with your kiddos!!


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