More Tips and Tricks for Potty Training with Paulina!!!

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Potty training can be tricky!  And based on my experiences with just my three kids, I can confirm that every child is different!  Here are so more fun tips and tricks on how you can use Paulina to make this process easier. 

Paulina, we're not ready for potty training!  Help! 

Often times, toddlers with older siblings observe them using the bathroom and get a little too excited to start their own potty journey.  This can result in stripping kiddos with diapers torn off and thrown aside, and endless babble about going “bafroom”! 

While this is an exciting development in a toddler’s life, it is not always the best time to begin.  Quite often, a toddler is ready to start the potty training journey before their parents are.  Timing, after all, is very crucial to potty training, so how do you delay an anxious potty trainer?

            Paulina can help!!  

Explain to your child that he/she must wait for the Poo Poo Fairy to come before you can start potty training.  This is your chance to read The Poo Poo Fairy book over and over again to get your toddler excited for Paulina’s arrival.  You can plan the perfect day and start a countdown.  As you remind your child that you will not start potty training until Paulina arrives, you can use the time to make preparations for the big day.  Stock up on special treats and prizes for your child, gather several packs of underwear, let your child pick out a potty seat.  And be sure to read the Poo Poo Fairy Book often to keep your child excited for Paulina to help them potty train!

How to keep the magic going while flying solo?

The magic of the Poo Poo Fairy is exciting for a toddler as they embark on the often scary and difficult journey of potty training.  However, Paulina’s magic requires someone to keep up the magic by placing a special treat or prize next to Paulina as your child has a success with his or her training.  This can sometimes feel like a two person job. 

However, quite often a mom or dad is alone while attempting to be at their child’s side near the potty as well as keeping Paulina’s magic alive.  Here are some tips to make this easier:

Change Paulina’s location each time your child has a success.  Have a stash of treats and possible prizes in a place that is easily accessible.  Once your little one has had success and has washed their hands, send them on a journey around the house to search for where Paulina has ended up this time.  While your child is off searching, this gives you a moment to grab a prize or treat and place it, along with Paulina in a new spot for your child to stumble across.
What do you do if Paulina is in the bathroom with you and your child to cheer you on?  (Some toddlers love to have Paulina close.)  Place some small prizes and treats in spots that are out of reach of your child.  You may do this the night before, in preparation for your day of potty training.  Here’s where your acting skills come in handy.  Have Paulina whisper in your ear the location of where she has hidden a special prize for your potty trainer.  Tell Paulina “Thank you” and send your child off to grab the prize that Paulina has left for him or her.

Paulina travels!

Have you ever had success with potty training at home but your child struggles to find the courage and motivation to go potty anywhere else?  Luckily, Paulina loves to travel!  It’s so easy to take Paulina with you wherever you go.  Put her in a grocery bag, along with some small treats and prizes.  Now, Paulina can offer support and deliver prizes and treats wherever you need her to.

 Here is Paulina delivering a treat for a potty success my daughter had while we were at the grocery store:

Paulina at the store!

A motivational sneak peak!

Often times pooping in the potty can be the most difficult and scary part of potty training.  A parent may feel frustrated knowing that if their poor toddler could only go poop just once in the potty, they would see how easy and rewarding it is and it would become much easier afterward.

It is at this point -- when just one successful poop is needed to start the ball rolling -- that some added motivation might be helpful!  Paulina loves to save her most special prize for the first poop in the potty.  And if necessary, she will allow a sneak peak at this very special prize so the potty trainer knows what magical fun awaits them when they get that first poop in the potty!

After the initial success, pooping in the potty becomes much easier.  And the potty trainer is generally much more excited to have another success knowing that more magical fun and prizes await them.

When an accident discourages future progress!

When the inevitable accident occurs, it needs to be dealt with kindly.  An accident can be quite scary and discouraging for a new potty trainer and can prevent them from wanting to continue trying. 

This is the perfect time to read Paulina’s story again.  Paulina herself was unsuccessful at being a helper fairy at first.  She failed over and over again before she finally found success as the Poo Poo Fairy.  The little boy in the story also struggles to learn how to use the big-kid potty.  This is good way to remind your child that it is ok to make a mistake, but that they must not give up trying.  If they never give up they will eventually succeed, just like Paulina did! 

It is also helpful to remind your child that Paulina is still around, ready and waiting to reward and surprise them when they succeed!

Worried about spoiling your child?     

Paulina’s magic and motivation are dependent upon her bringing fun treats and surprises for your child when they have success.  Though this helps to make potty training a quick and exciting process for you and your child, some parents might be concerned that this may spoil your child into believing that they get treats and prizes all the time.  This is a valid concern.  One I had myself!  Paulina, however, helps with this concern as well!

Paulina, as it is shown in the book, brings her magic when a child is potty training.   Once potty training is complete she needs to be off in search of the next child who needs her help.  This allows the parents of the potty trainee to plan a perfect end to the prizes and treats that come along with potty training.  When everyone says goodbye and thank you to Paulina, off she will go and no more prizes need to be given. 

If your child asks for more prizes and treats after your potty training is complete, it is easy to say that since Paulina is gone no more prizes or treats are coming.  That was simply part of Paulina’s potty training magic and fun and now that they are expert potty-goers she is off to help another child!  Since it appears to your child that Paulina was the one giving the prizes and not mom or dad, it makes sense to believe that you have no prizes or treats to give them.

 I hope these tips and tricks on how to use Paulina help you with your potty training.  Email me at for more help!


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The Relapse - Potty Training Tips from Paulina!

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It’s me, Paulina!!

I couldn’t wait to share more of my potty-training knowledge with you, so here goes…

Snag 3: The relapse

A relapse is not uncommon in certain situations.  If you have big life changes coming up, such as a move to a new house, a new nanny being hired, or a baby being born, this may cause a fully potty-trained child to have a relapse.

When choosing a time to begin potty training, such circumstances should be considered, and if possible, potty training should be put off until after things are more settled and a normal routine is again established.

Should a relapse occur in a seasoned potty-goer, remember the ideology of the “Poo Poo Fairy.”   Staying positive is key.  If your child has already graduated as a trainee and said goodbye to me, I will not be able to come to your home to help - which makes me sad.  But you can remind your child that they have already mastered potty-training.  Remind them of how proud we all are and we know they can keep using the big-kid potty.  You might want to re-read my story and remind your child of how I never gave up even though I wasn’t very good at many of the fairy helper talents that I tried to master before I became the Poo Poo Fairy. They can follow my example and never give up, even though we sometimes make mistakes!!

If you as parents really think it is best, I can come back to visit for a day or two.  But I suggest doing that only if my trainee truly needs me!

Good Luck!  And have a magical day!!


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The Dreaded Accident - Potty Training Tips from Paulina!

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Paulina here again!

I was fluttering with excitement to continue giving you tips on how to handle potty-training snags that may arise.  So, without further delay, here is another helpful suggestion!!

Snag 2: The inevitable but dreaded…ACCIDENT

Though unpleasant, it is pretty typical for your trainee to have several accidents before they get a full grasp of potty training.  This is natural, and it is important to remember not to get angry but to remain positive and encouraging!

You can minimize this occurrence by making sure you are continually asking your child if they have to go potty.  A timer is super helpful in the beginning for you both to remember. 

As your trainee progresses, though, you want to ask less and less.  You would like to help them realize they are capable of holding it.  You know your child’s capabilities better than anyone so your judgment is the best source. However, a good rule of thumb is to ask every hour or so if your trainee needs to go potty. As they become more seasoned potty goers, you will be able to ask them fewer times throughout the day.

If you expect a few accidents, you will be less likely to react negatively.  Just like learning to ride a bike, you cannot expect perfection without a few stumbles along the way.  When a new learner falls, you encourage them to be brave and to get up and try again.  You would never get angry with them for falling down.  Rather, rejoice in their willingness to pick themselves up and keep trying. Think of potty training as you would riding a bike.  It would be very difficult to be perfect without a few stumbles along the way.  You must avoid anger or disappointment.  In its place encourage your child by reminding them that they are still learning and will get better with practice.  Remind them that I am still watching them and waiting for them to succeed. Tell them you and I, Paulina the Poo Poo Fairy, believe that he/she knows that going potty in their pants is incorrect and that they only get rewards from me if they go in the potty.

If you are using big-kid underwear, an accident here or there may actually be beneficial to your journey!!  By experiencing an accident, children are given the opportunity to realize how uncomfortable it is to have wet or dirty pants and will most likely try to avoid that feeling in the future.

Good luck and have a magical day!!


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The Reluctant "Goer" - Potty Training Tips from Paulina!

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The Poo Poo Fairy


Hello, Paulina here! 


 Throughout my many exciting potty-training escapades, I have learned a thing or two about how to handle potty training "snags," as I like to call them. I have found that potty-training fun often comes with a twinkle of a problem here and there. The happy news is that this is very normal and must not be a reason to be discouraged.  There are many ways to handle these problems with a touch of magic and patience!

I thought it would be fairytastic to share with you some of the magical ways I have discovered to handle potty-training snags that may arise.

Snag 1:  The Reluctant “Goer”

“Just let it go!”  All parents have said these words.  The solution seems so simple to parents. However, to a child who has never done this before, the idea of “letting it go” in the potty rather than the diaper seems scary and foreign. The result is a battle between exhausted parents and an uncertain child with tightly clenched butt cheeks!

With the “Poo Poo Fairy” goal in mind to make potty training a whimsical and fun experience, frustration and tempers are unwelcome company.

Should you have a “reluctant goer,” try adding a little extra whimsy to the process.  Get your sweet child’s mind off of their fear and onto ME by reading my story while they sit on the potty!!  Remind them that I am there and excited to see them succeed.  A reminder that I have rewards waiting for them if they succeed couldn’t hurt either!

Not working?  Try this.  You will need a willing helper, if possible.  To further distract your trainee from any fear they might have, have my “helper” stand outside the closed bathroom door so they will not be noticed.  And have them play some fairy or pixie noises from a mobile phone.  These noises can easily be found and played off of the internet. While your child is listening with wide eyes of wonderment, remind your child that the Poo Poo Fairy is there outside the door, hopeful and waiting for them to succeed!  You may also have your “helper” throw small treats such as chocolate chips or stickers under the door as your child calms down, begins to show a willingness to cooperate and then gives some valiant attempts. This will show my support and encourage your child to continue trying.

Good Luck and have a magical day!!


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The Poo Poo Fairy - How It All Began!

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Hello!   Seeing Paulina and her world of Helper's Hollow come to life has been such a joy and an honor for me -- not to mention just a fabulous adventure!  As a young girl growing up in Utah, I had a very active imagination and loved anything whimsical and magical.  I put that imagination to good use and began writing poetry and stories at a very young age.  Oh, how I dreamed of becoming a real author one day.  I feel so blessed to have had that childhood dream be realized! 

I am excited to have this new spot to share all my thoughts and stories, and what better way to start off Mary's Corner than with the story of how it all began with me and the Poo Poo Fairy! 

Paulina, the Poo Poo Fairy, made her first appearance in my house many years ago as I embarked on my very first potty training adventure with my oldest daughter, Jane, who was two at the time. She is now eight!  I had read books on the subject of potty training, had watched for the signs that Jane was ready, and psyched myself up mentally for the challenge.  Needless to say, I felt thoroughly prepared to begin.  To my great shock and dismay, my first attempt was a dismal failure…and I do mean DISMAL!  Jane became terrified of pooping on the potty and would do everything in her power to hold it in.  This, of course, made her terribly constipated and irritable.   Which, in turn made me terribly irritable as well.

I ended up having to bag potty training, put Jane back in her diapers and pathetically try to teach her how to, again, poop in her diaper.  I even had to use tootsie rolls and her favorite stuffed bunny as visuals.  I am sure you can imagine the rest!  So, instead of making progress with Jane, I took two steps backward and ended up with a very grumpy household!   I had no idea potty training would be such a miserable experience for Jane as well as for me!  Before my next attempt, I was quite determined to make potty training less horrible and even fun, if I could manage it. 

This is when Paulina made her first grand entrance.  I told Jane that the poo poo fairy was going to come and help her learn to use the potty.  Jane knew that Paulina, her special fairy, would be watching her and would reward her when she tried hard and even more so when she had success!  My sweet husband (always willing to go along with my crazy ideas) would stand outside the door playing fairy noises on his cell phone and would then toss a chocolate chip under the door every time Jane would give her best effort.  And when she finally succeeded, Jane would be thrilled to run out to see the prize left by "Paulina."  Throwing this tiny bit of magic into the process made it so much more fun, and we ended up having great success!

Paulina was so helpful with Jane’s potty training adventure that I naturally decided to use it with my son Beckham.  Instead of tears and struggles, Beckham did amazingly well, and it became an activity our whole family (including Jane) could help with and enjoy.  Upon witnessing the success the Poo Poo Fairy had when helping to potty train my children as well as my nieces and nephews, I decided that Paulina could certainly do the same for other children as well.  I began to share the "Poo Poo Fairy" with anyone and everyone encountering difficulties like mine.  I have been awed by Paulina's ability to make potty training a more delightful experience for other children and their parents.  I am so excited to share her now with all of you!


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