A Happy Blunder!!

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We began the day like any other school day…busy, busy, busy!  All rushed and frantic, we ran through our normal morning routine: get dressed, make beds, brush teeth, do hair, put socks on, eat breakfast, make lunches, jackets and shoes., etc., etc., etc.  We loaded ourselves into the car and sped off to the school, ready to conquer our first day back after the holiday break!


The kids and I pulled into the parking lot of the school just as I was finishing my usual morning pep talk.  It took us several seconds of utter confusion and dismay to realize that the parking lot was nearly empty and the school grounds - which should have been bustling with people - looked deserted.  It slowly began to dawn on me that I may have mistaken the true day on which I should be bringing my children back to school.  Hiding my face from anyone passing by, I quickly grabbed my phone to check the school website.  Alas, I had indeed brought my kids to school...a day early…

I quickly tried to formulate a back-up story to explain my idiocy in case I encountered anyone I knew as I escaped from the school parking lot.  However, we made it safely out of the school grounds without being noticed and were free to have a good chuckle over our mistake.  My sweet kids and I giggled quite heartily as we drove home from school with the beautiful morning sun still shining down on us.

It was as I watched my kids’ giddiness over another day at home that I realized what a happy blunder this had all been.  I had been given another beautiful day free of responsibility or commitment with my kiddos.  We spent the day going out to lunch, playing play dough, doing kitchen science projects, watching movies, having laser-tag gun wars and dancing together!  This day was a blessing in more ways than one.  Not only was it just plain fun, but it was a day where I realized what a blessing these three children are to my life.  They are what bring magic to my life, and I feel so honored to be their mom!



Cherish every moment with your little ones, for those magical moments will be here and then gone faster than we realize!



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I believe in Magic!

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I believe in magic!

No, really!  I truly believe that childhood is and should be a magical and carefree time.  All too soon, a child will have to grow up and face the seriousness and at time, unpleasantness of the real world.  I love the idea of taking every opportunity to make their little hears soar with the magic of being a child!


So, in my home, we partake of every magical delight we can. We build traps for leprechauns, search for the Easter bunny’s eggs, love the tooth fairy, build a spooky graveyard in our front yard for Halloween can’t wait for Santa every year and are looking forward to the Poo Poo Fairy coming to our home to potty train my youngest daughter, Elsie!  We believe in princesses, wizards, Jedi knights, elves and everything in between; and I cherish every memory we share as we partake in all this magic. 

I believe in magic!  I believe in the power that it has to bring joy out of sadness, to make an ordinary day feel extraordinary, and to stir the imagination and inspire!!  That is what it did for me as a child and that is what I hope it does for my kids!

So, I say, dream on and hope our kids never stop believing!!




Ssshhh!  Sleeping Beauty is sleeping!


Halloween Spooktacular!


Back to school party!


Spending the day with a Ninja Turtle and a Unicorn!

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