Parenting Wins -- Recycle Crafts Part 2!!!

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As I continue in my quest to keep my kids' creative juices flowing, I wanted to share some more fun recycle-crafts projects.  This time we're answering the question:  What can I make with toilet paper, paper towel and wrapping paper rolls?!?

Rain Maker:  This works especially well with longer rolls.  Simply wrap one end of the roll with tin foil (using tin foil is important. It helps make the rain-like sound!) and make sure it is secured tightly with string, a rubber band or tape.  Take a long piece of tin foil and scrunch it together to create a long, tin foil snake.  Place the tin foil snake in the center of the roll.  Fill the roll ¼ of the way with uncooked rice.  Then tightly wrap the other end of the roll the same way as the other end.  To ensure that the rice does not break through the tin foil, I like to also cover both ends with tape or fabric. (Something that cannot be penetrated by little fingers…I have learned this the hard way!)  Then, as your kiddo turns the rain maker up and down, it sounds like rain.  This also makes a neat instrument!

Paint stamps:  You can be creative with what shapes you mold or cut your toilet paper rolls into.  I like to cut them in half so I can get two stamps out of one roll!  Let the kids go wild with creating shapes of their own to paint with! And have fun!!

Marble track:  Gather up your toilet paper rolls!  Once you have a good amount collected, tape them to a wall or a box where your toddlers or young kiddos can reach.  Arrange them in a fun way that will allow a marble or puff ball to travel down the rolls!  This is lots of fun for both little and big kiddos!

Maracas:  I’m all about making instruments.  The fun starts with making it, then it continues as you play and dance with it all day!!  Simply let your kiddos decorate a toilet paper roll.  Then, seal one end tightly with fabric, tin foil or whatever strong material you have on hand.  I prefer to use tin foil cause of the fun sound it makes.  But make sure to cover the tinfoil with tape so the kids can’t break through it and get beans all over your home!!  Fill the roll with some dry beans or pop corn kernels. Then secure the other end.   Now put on some music and let the fun begin!!



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