I believe in Magic!

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I believe in magic!

No, really!  I truly believe that childhood is and should be a magical and carefree time.  All too soon, a child will have to grow up and face the seriousness and at time, unpleasantness of the real world.  I love the idea of taking every opportunity to make their little hears soar with the magic of being a child!


So, in my home, we partake of every magical delight we can. We build traps for leprechauns, search for the Easter bunny’s eggs, love the tooth fairy, build a spooky graveyard in our front yard for Halloween can’t wait for Santa every year and are looking forward to the Poo Poo Fairy coming to our home to potty train my youngest daughter, Elsie!  We believe in princesses, wizards, Jedi knights, elves and everything in between; and I cherish every memory we share as we partake in all this magic. 

I believe in magic!  I believe in the power that it has to bring joy out of sadness, to make an ordinary day feel extraordinary, and to stir the imagination and inspire!!  That is what it did for me as a child and that is what I hope it does for my kids!

So, I say, dream on and hope our kids never stop believing!!




Ssshhh!  Sleeping Beauty is sleeping!


Halloween Spooktacular!


Back to school party!


Spending the day with a Ninja Turtle and a Unicorn!

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