The Reluctant "Goer" - Potty Training Tips from Paulina!

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The Poo Poo Fairy


Hello, Paulina here! 


 Throughout my many exciting potty-training escapades, I have learned a thing or two about how to handle potty training "snags," as I like to call them. I have found that potty-training fun often comes with a twinkle of a problem here and there. The happy news is that this is very normal and must not be a reason to be discouraged.  There are many ways to handle these problems with a touch of magic and patience!

I thought it would be fairytastic to share with you some of the magical ways I have discovered to handle potty-training snags that may arise.

Snag 1:  The Reluctant “Goer”

“Just let it go!”  All parents have said these words.  The solution seems so simple to parents. However, to a child who has never done this before, the idea of “letting it go” in the potty rather than the diaper seems scary and foreign. The result is a battle between exhausted parents and an uncertain child with tightly clenched butt cheeks!

With the “Poo Poo Fairy” goal in mind to make potty training a whimsical and fun experience, frustration and tempers are unwelcome company.

Should you have a “reluctant goer,” try adding a little extra whimsy to the process.  Get your sweet child’s mind off of their fear and onto ME by reading my story while they sit on the potty!!  Remind them that I am there and excited to see them succeed.  A reminder that I have rewards waiting for them if they succeed couldn’t hurt either!

Not working?  Try this.  You will need a willing helper, if possible.  To further distract your trainee from any fear they might have, have my “helper” stand outside the closed bathroom door so they will not be noticed.  And have them play some fairy or pixie noises from a mobile phone.  These noises can easily be found and played off of the internet. While your child is listening with wide eyes of wonderment, remind your child that the Poo Poo Fairy is there outside the door, hopeful and waiting for them to succeed!  You may also have your “helper” throw small treats such as chocolate chips or stickers under the door as your child calms down, begins to show a willingness to cooperate and then gives some valiant attempts. This will show my support and encourage your child to continue trying.

Good Luck and have a magical day!!


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