The Dreaded Accident - Potty Training Tips from Paulina!

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Paulina here again!

I was fluttering with excitement to continue giving you tips on how to handle potty-training snags that may arise.  So, without further delay, here is another helpful suggestion!!

Snag 2: The inevitable but dreaded…ACCIDENT

Though unpleasant, it is pretty typical for your trainee to have several accidents before they get a full grasp of potty training.  This is natural, and it is important to remember not to get angry but to remain positive and encouraging!

You can minimize this occurrence by making sure you are continually asking your child if they have to go potty.  A timer is super helpful in the beginning for you both to remember. 

As your trainee progresses, though, you want to ask less and less.  You would like to help them realize they are capable of holding it.  You know your child’s capabilities better than anyone so your judgment is the best source. However, a good rule of thumb is to ask every hour or so if your trainee needs to go potty. As they become more seasoned potty goers, you will be able to ask them fewer times throughout the day.

If you expect a few accidents, you will be less likely to react negatively.  Just like learning to ride a bike, you cannot expect perfection without a few stumbles along the way.  When a new learner falls, you encourage them to be brave and to get up and try again.  You would never get angry with them for falling down.  Rather, rejoice in their willingness to pick themselves up and keep trying. Think of potty training as you would riding a bike.  It would be very difficult to be perfect without a few stumbles along the way.  You must avoid anger or disappointment.  In its place encourage your child by reminding them that they are still learning and will get better with practice.  Remind them that I am still watching them and waiting for them to succeed. Tell them you and I, Paulina the Poo Poo Fairy, believe that he/she knows that going potty in their pants is incorrect and that they only get rewards from me if they go in the potty.

If you are using big-kid underwear, an accident here or there may actually be beneficial to your journey!!  By experiencing an accident, children are given the opportunity to realize how uncomfortable it is to have wet or dirty pants and will most likely try to avoid that feeling in the future.

Good luck and have a magical day!!


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