A Poop Adventure in DisneyWorld!

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I am back with another “poop adventure” except this time it is a pee pee story and about my son, Beckham. 

My husband is a bit of a Disney buff.  Ok … a BIG Disney buff!  So, as a result, we have made several wonderful trips to Disneyland.  Ryan, my husband, is like a giant kid when we go.  He just eats up every magical detail of Disneyland.  It’s actually pretty funny to watch!   So, when we finally got the chance to go to DisneyWorld, it was a big deal.  Ryan planned for a long time and made sure every detail was perfect. 

One detail we didn’t fully anticipate was the fact that we had to be shuttled around in between the parks and our hotel due to the massive size of DisneyWorld!  So, most evenings we would leave the park early to avoid the rush and to get the kids in bed early.  

One night, however, we decided to stay so we could watch the fireworks.  The kids were thrilled to stay up late … which for some reason, is the epitome of excitment for any kid!  Things got really exciting when it started to rain near the end of the fireworks show.  This began a mass exodus, everyone anxious to get home and out of the rain.  The second I saw this, I knew we had stayed five minutes too long, and it was going to be quite a long journey home.

After waiting for nearly an hour in line to catch a shuttle, with tired, wet and cranky kids, we were finally able to board a shuttle.  The shuttle was packed to the max, so we had to stand near the front of the bus for the whole 15 minute drive to our hotel.  Beckham, who was 3 at the time, was too tired to stand, so I had the unfortunate task of holding a very heavy boy on a shaky shuttle.  This was a challenge, indeed, and I nearly fell into other passengers laps several times.

Poor Beckham was so tired that he fell asleep in my arms, making his limp body feel even heavier.  We were all wet and very cold on the overly air-conditioned shuttle.  That is why it was odd when I felt something warm creeping down my leg and filling my shoe.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that poor little Beckham, who was potty trained but still had a hard time holding it for long, had wet his pants.  And I was in the direct line of fire! 

He had apparently been needing to go potty for some time judging by the sheer volume of pee that drenched my shirt, pants, filled my shoe and was now emptying onto the bus floor.  And even worse still, I had yet another 10 or so minutes standing on the freezing bus to be followed by a walk to our hotel…

Needless to say…we never attempted another late night at Disney again!!!


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